I’m Fine. A Real Feelings Journal.

I'm Fine: A Real Feelings Journal
By Dianne Morris Jones

Last summer in the middle of the night I woke up with the idea of doing a journal around this idea that we all, including myself, say “I’m fine” without really examining the root of our feelings.  Maybe we have this response because it is just a mindless reactionary response or maybe we say it intentionally to avoid a difficult conversation.  In addition, I often encourage clients to journal about their feelings to push past that knee jerk “I’m fine” reaction. Therein came the idea for a real feelings journal.  I came sleepily downstairs and tried to think through the idea.  First I thought, oh boy, everyone is going to think I’m crazy because I am in the middle of writing a book, Stop Breathe Believe®.  But as wild and crazy as it was I still somewhat hesitantly put a note on my yellow legal pad to call Monica, my designer and collaborator, about the journal idea. Monica’s response was affirmative and fairly optimistic about how long it might to take to flesh out the idea which energized me to continue moving forward.

So we started. We have learned a lot.  It took much longer than we thought and there have been many twists and turns along the way and now we are excited to share the final iteration with you. I couldn’t have done it without the help I received along the way. Roger, he’s been so supportive though I don’t really know why—it seems like the journal could’ve have been a distraction but he was 100% behind it! My kids, Justin and Jill & Brent, for their support and their long-distance cheerleading. Catherine, our fearless editor, & Monica, this wouldn’t have happened without you. Nawal, Kathy, and many more friends who offered input, friendship and support, the list is long and my gratitude is immeasurable.

It is often difficult to understand and access our feelings. Sometimes we’re internal processors and sometimes we’re external processors. Our feelings are an integral part of who we are so the more we can understand what we are feeling the more emotionally healthy we can be. I’m Fine, a real feelings journal invites you to move past the “I’m fine” response we reflexively give to the question of how we are and instead recognize and express our authentic emotional experience. Prompts on the right side of the journal offer you an opportunity to explore specific feelings through words, and the journal’s blank left side allows you to communicate your feelings through drawing, collages, doodling, or any other artistic expression. To accompany you on this important journey into inner awareness, I’m Fine, a real feelings journal offers inspiring quotes, a comprehensive list of feeling words, reflections to ponder, and a guide for further exploration through the lens of “The Guest House” by Rumi. Work and play through this journal on your own or find a partner or group for discussion and community. I’m Fine, a real feelings journal is a wonderful way to gain a deeper understanding of your deepest heart and soul and move steadily toward a life of greater authenticity and vulnerability.

We so excited to share this new offering with you! May the journey to a deeper understanding of our true emotional selves continue to take each of us on the adventure of a lifetime.