We are giving birth!

birth announcement.png

Oh, you might say that comment is misleading—as you probably have an image of parents celebrating the arrival of a bouncing baby boy or girl.  But in this case Roger and I are giving birth to a book. We’re giving birth to a new adventure and a gift of hope and encouragement in Stop Breathe Believe: Mindful Living One Thought at a Time.

In so many ways, the experience of gestating, laboring over, and birthing a book has paralleled the experience of bringing our two beloved children into the world.  Roger was the inspiration to begin the work.  As he heard the stories (anonymous of course) of how my clients were embracing the teaching of Stop Breathe Believe, he kept encouraging me to write the book.  Six years later, I finally agreed, and the birthing process began.

We found Monica Ghali to help very early in the process of the web site development and visioning along with us.  We then began looking for an editor, as I was certain we would need help in a BIG way.  How grateful we are that we discovered Catherine Knepper, the editor.  Oh my—she is amazing.  We could not have done this without Catherine and Monica!! And little did we know that we would give birth to not one book but two! (Check out I’m Fine, a real feelings journal.)

Many have joined the team along the way. As in giving birth, you have some who come in the room for only a moment, but who are integral to the process.  So it has been with Stop Breathe Believe.  There have been so many of you who have offered a burst of encouragement and support just when I needed it the most.  I will be forever grateful to each of you!

Getting it all down on paper (computer, actually) has taken a little longer than the 9-month goal…overdue birth?  Maybe.  But I am trusting it is just the right time for just the right person for just the right transformational moment.

Just as in birth, there are times we aren’t as in control as we would like to be or think we are.  There have been hiccups, hurdles, discouragements, distractions, panic, tears, concern right alongside the excitement, encouragement, celebrating of each chapter written, and cartwheels over each opportunity to present the concept of Stop Breathe Believe to individuals or groups as we formulated and re-formulated what it would look like in book form.  

Just like Justin and Jill having characteristics that resemble Roger and me, Stop Breathe Believe has characteristics of Roger’s depth of loyalty and heart, Dianne’s passion and enthusiasm, Justin’s preciseness and vision, Jill’s artistic skill and clarity of expression, Monica’s creativity and desire to stay true to the original vision, Catherine’s unbelievable ability to write what I wanted to say and her wisdom….yes, Stop Breathe Believe has qualities that look a little like all of us. Now I’m hoping that you will see yourself in the book as well.  We are a part of life together, you know.  You are not alone.

Towards the end of the birthing process, we realized we needed and wanted others to help.  And at some point, my fabulous publicist Lori Ames was cheering us on from New York: “Dianne, just push! It’s ready—no more additions or corrections. It’s time!”

We plan on lots of birth announcement parties—more commonly known as book signings—across the country.  Let us know if you would like us to bring our “baby” to your community—we love to travel!

I will never forget the day my Mother drove off as I stood in the driveway holding Justin, our firstborn.  How is it that you do this parenting thing?  Oh my, are we equipped?  Do we know what to do next?  What if?  Well, some of those feelings are what we, the proud parents, are experiencing right now in this brand new phase of sharing Stop Breathe Believe: Mindful Living One Thought at a Time with the world!

We’re enjoying the journey…one step at a time!  

Stay tuned….