The Book Trailer - It is Only a Minute

How do you say it in one minute? That is the question I did not know how to answer. Thankfully, Jill was there to help.

We had a blast creating the trailer for the book Stop Breathe Believe: Mindful Living One Thought at a Time while visiting Jill and Brent in California.

We plotted - we schemed - we wrote it out on a yellow legal pad (my go-to way to think) - we laughed - we sent Roger, Justin and Brent to the beach - we struggled – we wrote the script one day - we recorded - we re-recorded - we re-plotted - we took a break and celebrated Jill’s birthday over lunch – we had a blast – we came back to recording – we recorded a second day, me still giggling at all the wrong times. Throughout it all, I was grateful for Jill’s patience and love of Stop Breathe Believe. And finally, we finished.

Enjoy this brand new video introduction to Stop Breathe Believe. It is only a minute.