Beauty & Brokenness

I am so excited to be beginning this blogging adventure with you.  To be able to explore and share the dichotomies of life, being open to the thrills and the unknowns.  There are always new things to learn, always ways to grow, always new beginnings and always opportunities to go deeper in our understanding of our selves and others. 

A boot with a bouquet is representative of the journey ahead.  The beauty of the bouquet challenges us to look deeply each day to find beauty within others and within our experiences for this present moment.  And the boot reminds us that the journey to wholeness is a trek that requires courage and authenticity one step at a time.  May your heart be encouraged as you read this blog; you will find both beauty and brokenness represented here.  So, I invite you to join me on this adventure to wholehearted living.  I open my heart to you…


Hummingbird artwork by Carliann Conner to find out more about this painting and her artwork visit: