Key 14 – Presence — Being There — Being Together For One Another

There is no greater gift than being fully present with one another.  We are often tempted to multi-task—make a phone call, jot down a quick list, concern ourselves with our response to their conversation. Being intentional about being present in the moment is a practice that takes consistent effort.  Our minds quickly wander even amidst conversations with others.  The value of the gift of presence is priceless.

Making Contact

I believe
The greatest gift
I can conceive of having
from anyone
to be seen by them,
heard by them,
to be understood
touched by them.
The greatest gift
I can give
to see, hear, understand
and to touch
another person.
When this is done
I feel
Contact has been made.

—Virginia Satir

Thought to ponder:  How can I be present in a new way with a friend?  What do I need to set aside so that I can focus on this friendship at this very moment?