A Vastness & an Adventure

Alaska became our destination when our daughter’s film, Nanuq, was featured in a film festival in Anchorage.  Being lovers of the outdoors, we wanted to be in the majestic beauty of Alaska as much as possible.  This picture is taken just off the side of the road as we were traveling one morning to our hiking destination.  The picture seemed to capture the massive and beautiful portrayal of a wild, cold and awe-inspiring landscape. 

As we ponder what is ahead for each of us in our life adventure, can we sense the vastness of what is ahead?  I am sometimes amazed at the monumental privilege of taking in the breadth and depth of life, especially on a day-to-day basis.  And so, as I wander in life, I also wonder…

What is it to move to a new city and not know how to connect or where to connect or whom to connect with?  What is it to wonder if you could get a “do-over” in a conversation that was of critical importance?  What is to feel the tenderness of a newborn baby’s hands as they wrap their tiny fingers around your one finger?  What is it to see your child’s high school senior year slip away and wonder what is next for him or her?  What is it to get the phone call that your Daddy is about to have emergency surgery, many miles away?  What is it to question the choice of the new job change?  What is to imagine not being lonely on Valentine’s Day?  What is it to watch the quandary of the possum on the hiking trail…should he move or not (and how does that relate to how do I react in fear)?  What is it to feel broken?

What is it to discover that one you have loved has been unfaithful?  What is it to give a friend moving away one more good-bye hug?  What is it to weep tears of joy as you reconnect with a soldier coming home?  What is it to laugh with friends?  What is to taste the deliciousness of an orange?  What is to ponder the budget and the expenses?  What is it to look into your autistic son’s eyes and desperately want to understand?  What is it to be with a friend and share the silence?  What is it to gaze at the embers in the fireplace and wonder about the “sparks” in life? 

What is it to be proud of a mission accomplished?  What is it to be anxious about the next morning?  What is it to be saddened by a friend’s lack of response?  What is it to receive a care package from your mom?  What is it when we see the glisten in another’s eye of our arrival?  What is it about shared conversations with a trusted friend who really listens?  What is it about lingering in the moment?  What is it to think about God more?

What is it about hurrying?  What is it to rock in the chair?  What is it to watch the squirrel scampering?  What is it to feel an embrace?  What is it to miss an embrace?  What is it to be aware of one’s patterns in a day?  What is it to have difficulty sleeping?  What is it to feel the air rushing past as you ride your bicycle?  What is it to inhale the mist of the ocean?  What is it to see the tears of one who is hurting?  What is it to feel shame?  What is it to discover the joy of truly understanding a new concept?  What is it to hear a favorite song and recall that special moment?  What is it to be excited about the phone ringing?  What is it to feel beautiful?

What is it to wander and to wonder about the vastness of the adventure?  Alaska and life, a treasure of beauty and brokenness.