DIY - Birch Tree Advent Calendar of Self Care

The emphasis of the Advent Calendar of Self-Care is to de-stress and create mindful moments during this holiday season. If a DIY project serves that goal for you then dive in, if not, smile, thank yourself for knowing what you need and check out a different post.

Here is the Birch Tree Calendar that I made for our home, it was a fun endeavor and pretty straightforward to make. Some of the materials can be switched out for whatever you have available. Let your creativity lead the way. Here's what I did...

Materials Needed: 

- 3 birch limbs (can be bought at nursery/landscape store (Earl May in Des Moines, IA)
- Container
- Sand (to hold limbs secure)
- Greenery for base (nursery/landscape/craft store)
- 25 small take out boxes (purchased at craft store Michaels)
- Fabric/burlap tags (purchased at craft store Michaels)
- Ribbon
- Bulletin board tacks (purchased at craft/office store)
- Dark chocolate (as desired)
- Written content for Advent Calendar of Self-Care cut up by day

Decide location of advent calendar (will be difficult to move once sand is in place)

Place birch limbs in container

Fill container with sand

Place greenery around base

Write numbers (1-25) on the tags 

Fill each box with the corresponding day's written content and attach the corresponding tag

Oh….and add dark chocolate as needed :)

Hang boxes on limbs with tacks

Open one box a day, sit back, de-stress and take care of yourself